Like all sports, rowing depends on the work of its volunteers. It is important you are protected whilst you are giving back to rowing and helping to run happy and successful clubs, competitions and everything related to them.

Your British Rowing membership covers you whilst taking part in all club activities, and in any British Rowing or World Rowing (FISA) approved competition. The cover provided includes:  

  • Combined Liability insurance - covers the cost of defending yourself against a claim if you are responsible for injury to someone else or damage to their property whilst volunteering. Cover is worldwide and provided up to a maximum of £10million. For example, if you hurt someone whilst undertaking club activities, then the policy will defend a claim brought against you and if the injury / damage is due to your negligence, we will pay the appropriate compensation on behalf of the volunteer
  • Personal Accident insurance - provides payments directly to you if you are injured whilst taking part in a recognised rowing activity anywhere in the world and are under 80 years old. The cover is "no fault", which means you will receive the appropriate payment regardless of the cause of the accident. This cover does not apply if you are not a member of British Rowing

View a summary of your insurance and confirmation of cover for all paid-up members of British Rowing here:

What does this mean for me? 

Combined Liability Insurance - For example, you could be assisting in the set up of a British Rowing event and someone tripped over some equipment. If this caused them an injury and they tried to hold you responsible, the policy would defend a claim brought against you. If it was decided that the injury was due to your negligence, the policy would pay the appropriate compensation up to the £10m limit. 

Why £10m limit of cover? - A serious injury can lead to a high limit of compensation as the injured person may need long term care for an injury that leads to permanent disability. The limit for British Rowing volunteers is set at £10m to ensure adequate cover is in place, so you don't need to worry about not having enough protection. Examples of where the costs for the £10m limit of cover would go:

  • Physical injury to third parties caused by your actions
  • Damage to third party property caused by you
  • Legal costs incurred in forming your defence
  • Damages awarded against you follwing a successful claim by a third party
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