Combined Liability 

Combined Liability insurance provides protection for you if someone accuses you of being reponsible for an injury they have suffered, or damage to their property, and wants you to pay compensation. 

Cover is provided to all individually registered members of British Rowing. Qualified coaches are also provided with Professional Indemnity insurance in respect of the advice you provide as part of your coaching.

Clubs are not covered as part of the British Rowing policy and can arrange insurance separately with Howden and may be eligible for a 15% discount. 

Cover is for UK residents and operates worldwide, with a limit of up to £10m cover for any one claim. It applies for all training and competitions, including:

  • Sliding and fixed seat rowing
  • Indoor rowing
  • Cycling whilst training for rowing, including cycling to and from the boat house
  • Competitive cycling, when organised by British Rowing
  • Cycling on non-hazardous terrain, such as parks and open spaces
  • Beach sprint rowing

There is no excess (nothing for you to pay towards the claim) but note that the policy does not include cover for any equipment that you own or is in your custody/control. 

NB. The policy does not provide cover for liabilities relating to motorised craft (such as coaching launches). These, like motor vehicles, should be insured separately. 

A copy of the full policy wording is available on request. 

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