Reporting an incident 

It is important that you notify British Rowing and Howden of all accidents and incidents that could give rise to a claim. 
If there has been a rowing safety incident, report this to British Rowing.
If the incident has involved an injury to someone or damage to their property, you should also notify insurers. Please complete an Incident Notification Form and return it to Howden.
If you need to make a claim for personal injury to yourself, complete the personal accident claim form and return it to Howden with the appropriate additional documentation.


If I am injured, can I claim from the policy?
If you are injured, and you feel that it is someone else’s fault, you should seek advice on how to pursue a claim against the person(s) responsible for causing the injury. However, you may be eligible to claim for your injuries under the British Rowing Personal Accident Policy.

You should also make sure that you complete an incident report form for British Rowing.

What do I do if I am involved in an accident?
You should immediately record relevant information concerning incidents involving:

  • a fatality
  • an injury involving referral to a hospital
  • any allegations of libel or slander
  • any allegations of professional negligence, i.e. arising out of tuition, coaching or advice given
  • any investigation under any child protection legislation
  • any circumstance involving damage to third party property

If there is a verbal/written allegation against you, you should advise Howden immediately and pass on any documentation you may have received.

I had an accident 6 months ago but did not submit an incident report, and would like to make a claim. What action should I take?
To claim under the personal accident insurance, you should download a claim form and submit it to us with the necessary accompanying documentation.

The combined liability policy is in force to protect you from claims made against you, by others. If you have had an accident where you have injured someone else or damaged someone else's property, you should complete an incident report as soon as possible.

If you have now received a letter of claim from the injured party, please submit that to Howden immediately without replying.

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