FAQs for Rowers

A comprehensive list of frequently asked questions are listed below.  

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Launches and Boats


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I've just renewed my membership, when does my insurance begin?

Insurance cover commences on the date that payment for your membership renewal is received by British Rowing. Insurance cover will cease immediately on the expiry date of your membership. For continuous cover then you can always ensure your membership is current by taking out a Direct Debit Membership.

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What exactly are the benefits of personal accident insurance, what am I covered for?

If you do happen to have an accident whilst involved in rowing or rowing related activities, then depending on the injury then you would receive the relevant following compensation:

  • Broken arm/wrist: £125
  • Broken leg/ankle: £250
  • Emergency dental treatment: up to £500
  • Hospitalisation: £30 per 24 hours as an in-patient, for up to 25 days
  • Convalescence: £100 per week up to 4 weeks
  • Loss of limb or sight: £50,000
  • Permanent total disablement: £50,000

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Does my insurance include coastal rowing?

Yes, your insurance covers you for all types of rowing. 

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Does British Rowing membership insurance replace club insurance?

No, the British Rowing membership insurance protects you individually, both for your liabilities to others, as well as providing you with Personal Accident protection. 

Clubs have a responsibility to arrange their own cover for their own liabilities as explained further on the Clubs page here

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Does my insurance cover land training activities?

Yes, the British Rowing insurance will cover you whilst you are training on land, including:

  • Indoor rowing
  • Land based strength and conditioning training
  • Cycling whilst training for rowing (including cycling to and from the boat house).

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Am I insured when I boat on my own?

Yes, but you are responsible and you must always ensure that you always undertake a risk assessment and take appropriate action to mitigate any risks to yourself and others.

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I had an accident when the red boards were out. Does my insurance still cover this?

Your insurance could be invalidated if you have acted recklessly, but it would depend on the particular circumstances of the incident.

It is important that you have carried out a risk assessment, including taking advice from your club and heeding the information provided by the local navigation authority, before commencing any activity. If in doubt, do not row.

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I'm going on a training camp overseas. Does my insurance cover my rowing activities and travel to and from the venue?

Your British Rowing insurance will cover you while you are rowing on a club training camp overseas, provided your club is affiliated to British Rowing. If you are at a training camp on your own, you will also be covered for your rowing activity. This is the same as when you are in the UK. 

Whenever you travel abroad, however, you should take out travel insurance to cover the cost of any emergency medical treatment you need as a result of an accident or illness (including cover for when you're rowing). The Personal Accident cover still applies, but does not cover these emergency costs.

For a travel insurance quotation click here.

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Am I covered for sponsored rows at the club and away from the club?

Yes, you are covered to take part in all rowing activities, including a sponsored row. 

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If I am injured in a road accident whilst travelling to a rowing event will I be covered?

Yes, you will be covered by your Personal Accident insurance, for the specific benefits click here.

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I'm competing in an event (in the UK or abroad) that is not connected with my club in any way. Will my insurance cover this?

Yes, your membership provides insurance cover for you as an individual, provided that the event is recognised by British Rowing. This would include events recognised by FISA, but if in any doubt check with British Rowing.

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As a member of British Rowing, am I insured to take part in a competition organised by another association (such as Welsh Rowing)?

Members and officials of British Rowing are insured to take part in competitions run under the rules of another national rowing association.

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Does my insurance cover me for compensation if a competition is cancelled?

No, the policy only provides cover for Third Party liability and Personal Accident. There is no cover for costs incurred as a result of a competition being cancelled.

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Is damage to my own boat covered?

No, not under the liability insurance, as you can't claim for damage to your own property. You should arrange asset cover for your boats and equipment, which can be done via Elite Rowing, where members receive a 10% discount.

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Does my insurance cover me if I damage someone else's boat or cause an injury to someone else?

Yes, the Combined Liability cover is designed to cover injuries to other people, or damage to their property, caused by you.

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If I am injured or my boat is damaged by another person who has no insurance themselves, will my insurance cover this?

You may be able to claim benefits for your injuries under the personal accident cover, but your own liability insurance will not cover injuries to you or damage to your own property.

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Am I covered if I am driving a motor powered launch?

No, any motor powered launch should be covered by specific marine insurance, which can be arranged by Elite Rowing

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If I have an accident towing the club trailer, will my insurance cover any personal injury in a road accident?

No, liability resulting from a road accident should be covered under you motor insurance, including towing. We recommend that you check with your motor insurer.

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