FAQs for Coaches

A comprehensive list of frequently asked questions are listed below.  

If you have a query not covered by the list below please contact Howden.


Where does my insurance cover me to coach?

You are covered to coach in any British Rowing affiliated club or any competition or activity approved by British Rowing.

Do I have insurance cover as a coach if I have not completed a British Rowing coaching course?

This depends on your experience within the sport, your capablility to undertake appropriate risk assessments and that you are up to date and familiar with British Rowing coaching practices, code of conduct and policies. For any queries about this please email British Rowing.  

Why do I need Professional Indemnity cover?

Professional Indemnity provides you with cover if you are accused of providing negligent advice. If you are a coach registered with British Rowing, this cover will protect you if an injury is caused to someone following your negligent advice or an ommission in your coaching.

Does Professional Indemnity only cover me if I'm being paid to coach?

No, as a coach member you are protected by Professional Indemnity cover whenever you are coaching, whether that is paid or as a volunteer. 

Would my coaching launch be covered within my cover?

No, liabilities relating to motorised craft (including coaching launches) are not covered. These, as with vehicles used for trailer towing, should be insured separately. Check to see if your club has insured the launches that you use, if not we recommend you arrange this cover for yourself. 

If I coach from a motorised launch am I insured?

Yes, you would be covered if you were held responsible for an injury caused by your coaching, but you would not be covered if the injury was a result of using the motorised launch (i.e. you're covered if the injury is allegedly caused by your poor/negligent coaching, but not if you caused the injury by colliding with another vessel, rowing boat, swimmer etc). Motorised craft should be insured under a marine insurance policy (in the same way cars need to be insured under motor insurance policies). 

If I coach at multiple clubs, is my insurance valid for all of those clubs?

Yes, you can coach in multiple British Rowing affiliated clubs, or any competition or activity approved by British Rowing.

If I earn above £24,000 am I still covered by the British Rowing insurance?

Yes, we recently revised the policy to remove the upper salary limit so as long as you are a sole trader (i.e. you coach in your own name or a “trading as” style but do not have a limited company) and meet the other criteria then you will be covered by the insurance as a British Rowing member.

If I am coaching but I don't have a qualification, am I insured? 

Yes, as long as you are only coaching within your capabilities and you are not receiving any payment for your coaching. 

I am a qualified coach but I am coaching as a volunteer. Am I covered?

Yes, a volunteer coach who is qualified would be covered under their COACH membership. 

Is the Tideaway Endorsement considered a qualification?

No, The Tideaway Endorsement is a code of practice for rowing on the Thames. Although you are required to adhere to this code of practice by the PLA this is not a coaching qualification.

Do I qualify for Coach membership?

Please see here.