When arranging any competition or event you have a duty of care towards those taking part, including spectators.

You must do everything within your power to reduce or eliminate loss, injury or damage to others and you may be held legally liable if you fail to do so.

British Rowing requires the competition or event to be safe and operating at low levels of risk. All competitions or events need to provide a safety plan, welfare plan and risk assessment to conform to the requirements of the insurance provided.

  • Combined Liability Insurance - cover has been arranged to protect the organisers of British Rowing affiliated regattas and processional races, as well as those regattas that are compliant with British Rowing Rules, RowSafe and are individually approved by British Rowing. This will protect the organisers and organising committee against the cost of a claim made against you following injury to someone else or damage to their property. Cover is provided up to a maximum limit of £10m.

What does this mean to you as a competition?

360o liability insurance - One of the requirements of having this insurance is that all competitors must be British Rowing members. This is to ensure that if any individual is injured during the event of the competition, then there are funds available to pay compensation (if this is appropriate). 

Combined Liability - to protect the organising committee if you are held responsible for something going wrong either before, during or after the competition. 

If you are a club arranging a competition that is separate from British Rowing, protection for this should be included under your club's insurance policy. 

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