If you are a coach or coach educator you receive the benefit of Combined Liability and Personal Accident insurance to protect you whilst participating in rowing.

What cover does the Combined Liability insurance provide for me?

This policy covers the cost of defending yourself against a claim for damages if you're held responsible for injury to someone else or damage to their property. Cover includes the advice you provide whilst coaching, provided that the activity falls within the remit of your British Rowing approved training or qualifications.

You are covered when you are coaching at any British Rowing affiliated club, including schools and university clubs, or a British Rowing recognised competition/activity, as long as your personal annual coaching turnover does not exceed £25,000. Cover is worldwide and provided up to a maximum of £10million.

If you don't have British Rowing approved training or a qualification you must be experienced within the sport and be capable of undertaking appropriate risk assessments as well as ensuring that you're up-to-date and familiar with British Rowing coaching practices and policies.

What cover does the Personal Accident insurance provide for me?

Personal Accident insurance provides payments to you if you are under 80 years old and are injured whilst taking part in a recognised activity in a recognised environment anywhere in the world. The cover is 'no fault' which means that they will receive the appropriate payment regardless of the cause of the accident.