As a qualified coach or coach educator you are covered by our Combined Liability (which includes Professional Indemnity) and Personal Accident cover whilst coaching rowing. 
The cover provided includes Public Liability (cover for injuries to other people and/or damage to their property) and Professional Indemnity (cover for incidents arising from advice you provide as a coach/coach educator). Cover is worldwide and provided up to a maximum of £10m. 
You are covered when you are coaching at any British Rowing affiliated club, including schools and university clubs, or at a British Rowing recognised competition or activity. 
If you are coaching someone and they suffer an injury which they believe is due to your poor coaching, the policy will defend a claim brought against you. If it is proven that you have been negligent, the policy will pay the appropriate compensation. 
The policy covers you to coach within the remit of your coaching qualification. If you don't have British Rowing approved training or a qualification you will still be covered provided you are experienced within the sport and capable of undertaking appropriate risk assessments. You must also ensure that you're up-to-date and familiar with British Rowing coaching practices and policies. 

Personal Accident insurance provides payments to you if you are under 80 years old and are injured whilst taking part in a recognised rowing activity in a recognised rowing environment anywhere in the world. The cover is 'no fault' which means that, if eligible, you will receive the appropriate payment regardless of the cause of the accident.

What does this mean for me? 

Combined Liability Insurance - The policy provides cover for you as an individual, or if you coach as a sole trader under a "trading as" style (e.g. J Smith t/a Elite Coaching). No cover is provided for businesses, so if you've incorporated your coaching business as a limited company or partnership you will need to arrange separate insurance cover for that business. Please contact Howden to discuss your specific needs further.  

Why £10m Limit of Cover? - A serious injury can lead to a high limit of compensation as the injured person may need long term care for an injury that leads to permanent disability. The limit for British Rowing members is set at a high level that will ensure adequate cover is in place, so you do not need to worry about not having enough protection. Examples of where the costs for the £10m limit of cover would go:

  • Physical injury to third parties caused by your actions.
  • Damage to third party property caused by you.
  • Legal costs incurred in forming your defence.
  • Damages awarded against you following a successful claim by a third party.

The limit for British Rowing members is set at £10m to ensure adequate cover is in place and so you do not need to worry about not having enough protection.

Personal Accident Insurance - For example, if you break your leg whilst rowing you can claim up to £250 as a benefit, or £125 if you break your arm. 

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